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Western High School
1400 S. Dearing Rd.
Parma, MI 49269
(517) 841-8200

Sue VanRiper, Principal
Steve Kennedy, Assistant Principal 

Office Hours 7A-3P

Our Mission:
"The mission of Western High School is to provide
a broad based curriculum; to set and pursue high standards;
to develop citizens prepared for participation in a global society;
and to foster positive relationships in a safe environment.
This mission is the shared responsibility of the students,
parents, staff, and community."

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Parents may now update demographic information in the Parent PowerSchool Portal. Log into PowerSchool, scroll down to "Update Information" on the left and follow prompts.
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District Announcements
2016-2017 School Calendar
Western's 2016-2017 School Calendar

One Page Summary 2016-2017 School Calendar

Starting with the 2016-2017 school year, school districts in Michigan must provide a minimum of 180 days of student instruction.  For many districts including Western, this means having to add days onto their existing calendars.  Over a year ago, the superintendents in Jackson County and their boards of education began talking about developing a "common calendar" for the county.  After much discussion and receiving a waiver from the the State of Michigan to start before Labor Day, the common calendar for Jackson County is becoming a reality.  We are very aware that not everyone likes the notion of starting school before Labor Day, but for many of us this is returning to what was done prior to the 2006 legislation.  Regardless, the 180 day requirement exists and whether we add time onto the beginning or end of the school year it will shorten summer vacation.  
Western's Theater Arts Website
ALL Western High School and Western Middle School students and parents interested in Western's DRAMA PROGRAM, make sure you 
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Western School District will be providing summer school for students who are in need of credit recovery or wish to take a required course ahead of time.  These students will need to contact their counselor as soon as possible to enroll for the summer of 2016. 
            The district will be using Edgenuity, which is a program that offers students our core and some elective courses offered at the high school.  The classes on Edgenuity are entirely online but students will be required to come into the school to take tests and exams. 
            A supervisor will be at our Western High school in the front computer lab on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 to 3pm throughout the summer. We strongly encourage attendance during these times as no other supervision or assistance will be available.   There will be no food, drink, or transportation provided for students. 
            The cost for using Edgenuity over the summer will be $75 for each semester of a class.   Checks should be made out to Western School District. $25 will be refunded for each course that a student completes before the start of the 2016-2017 school year.   Students who were enrolled in Edgenuity during the school year for credit recovery may finish free of charge during this time.  Please contact Mr. Smith if you have any questions. (Joshua.Smith@wsdpanthers.org ( 517-841-8276)
Please watch this video before contacting your counselor.

Here's what we have so far:

Exciting possibilities for WHS!
Flex For... is a chance to embrace modern education by opening fourth hour during the traditional WHS school day for creative personalized learning, career exploration and preparation, credit recovery and academic intervention Students will take ownership of their own learning by choosing an individualized Flex pathway.
Flex For… will raise the grades of all students, reduce the number of failed classes, increase employability skills and career exploration, and provide another strong, caring, mentoring relationship with an adult.
WHS staff hope to pilot this Flex Hour in 2016-2017.
★ All JACC students and most dual enrolled students will not be scheduled in a Flex hour, thus allowing the enrollment in the Flex hours to be 15-17 students.
★ Creative scheduling, including online classes, use of personal curriculum, and independent studies will be employed to allow students who are interested in multiple music and world language classes as many of their choices as possible.
★ Flex students will be scheduled in groups of 9-12th graders. A possible idea: student locker locations will determine each student’s Flex For... teacher, creating “Flex communities,” if you will, by each teacher’s room. Students would remain with the same Flex teacher during all four years of high school.
New students would join each Flex group as seniors leave and freshmen enter each year.
Teacher Accountability
★ For consistency purposes, Online classroom (ex: Schoology or Google Classroom) Flex Folders will be developed by WHS teachers during the summer and shared with ALL teachers when Flex For.. .is rolled out.
★ Teachers will become clear on Flex expectations and Flex folders during professional development in June and in August.
★ Teachers will understand that they may be observed during Flex For… and that accountability for student engagement will be as for any other class on their schedule.
Flex For ...Expectations
★ Current preliminary thinking is that all students will be required to choose and complete a minimum of two units per nine weeks from the grade specific Flex Folders, one of which is focused on career exploration or employability skills and one on communication skills. As in all WHS classes, game playing on iPads and phones will not be allowed during Flex.
★ Students will have completion requirements to fulfill and will be held accountable for effective use of their Flex time by logging in to Schoology each day and recording and reflecting on their daily work.
★ Students will receive pass/fail credit for their Flex hour.
★ Students will be able to pursue internship opportunities, visiting their internship supervisor during Flex, or have time to pursue an internship after school using Flex time to complete homework; the possibilities of near-by internships are numerous.
★ In addition to internships, students may choose from the following during Flex For…: independent studies with WHS teachers, career exploration, communication skills, employability skills, career prep programs and speakers in conjunction with W Career Prep HS, academic intervention, (peer and teacher tutors) credit recovery, and student choice Passion Projects.
Ideas for rolling out Flex For...to both students and parents include:
★ Email, Power Up infomercial/video for students, classroom talks with counselors, talking points provided for WHS teachers to go over in a designated hour, community forum, global connect calls,local press articles, and flyers mailed home & distributed at WHS events.
SENIORS! Save the dates!
The merry month of May will be here before you know it!
Here are some dates you may need NOW for GRADUATION planning purposes:
  Senior assembly: Receive caps and gowns Monday May 23rd
​  Seniors exam days (for those who need to take final exams):  May 26th and 27th
  Senior All School Honors Assembly:  Friday May 27th  CAPS AND GOWNS FORMAL EVENT
​  Senior Luncheon:  Friday May 27 from 11A to 2P at the Cascades Manor House
  Honors Night:  June 1st  7 PM in the community arts center,  CAPS & GOWNS FORMAL EVENT
  Baccalaureate:  6P, June 2nd at Calvary United Methodist Church CAPS & GOWNS FORMAL EVENT
 ​MANDATORY Graduation Practice : WHS gym 8 AM  Friday, June 3rd.

Information re: M-Step Testing
M-Step testing and results!
Information produced by the State Department of Education for your perusal.
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FREE SAT practice!
Personalized, official SAT practice FREE on Khan Academy.
Practice that's fine-tuned to skill level and focused where students need it most. New for the March 2016 SAT.  Explore today at SATpractice.org!  We got this!
We got this!
Western High School staff is dedicated to impacting student achievement both in and out of the classroom.  We want you to know all about the terrific programs at WHS.  
Please take a few moments and watch this video!
 We got this!  

Shoppers Please Read !
Make sure your Target RED Card is registered with
Western High School
Target will give up to 1% of your spending
back to our school!
Western’s Target School ID:  63700
Go to
Click REDcard
then, Manage my RED Card
Take Charge of Education
ÉSee Below for telephone instructions Ê
Make sure your Target RED Card (credit or debit) is enrolled in
Take Charge of Education
  • Call 1-800-755-5856
  • Enter the last 4 digits of card number then press “#”
  • Then, last 4 digits of the primary card holder’s SSN then press “#”
  • Pick option 5 to hear more options
  • Then, push 1 for Take Charge of Education
  • You will be asked if you are already signed up for Western High School
  • If you are not, PLEASE ENROLL!!
You will be asked to speak the name of our town and state, and then later the name of our school.  If it cannot recognize the school name, you will be transferred to a real, live person.  That person will sign you up to ensure that 1% of your spending goes to Western High School!








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Repeating Event - ***BAND CAMP***
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Repeating Event - ***BAND CAMP***
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Repeating Event - ***BAND CAMP***
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